Keynote Speech for the Welcoming Michigan Statewide Convening & MCIRR Summit

By: William Lopez - 09/17/18

[Maria Ibarra-Frayre shared the poem, The Right Way, prior to this presentation] Good afternoon, and thank you for inviting me to speak at the Welcoming Michigan Statewide Convening and Michigan Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights summit. It is an honor to be invited to speak in front of a group of so many inspirational advocates, scholars, social workers, researchers, teachers, organizers, and yes, even lawyers. My name is William Lopez, and as... more

Embracing Family Unity and Resilience

By: Erika Murcia - 07/22/18

World Refugees Paint Their Journey at Stuttgart, Germany; Led by Artist, Joel Bergner. All rights reserved.

I was born in 1985 in “Mesa Grande”, a refugee camp in Honduras. I was born there because, during the Civil War in El Salvador (1980-1992), my family had to flee from the state-led Armed Forces in 1981. We repatriated to our home country of El Salvador in 1988 with the support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This was four years before the end of the Civil War in 1992. My experience inspired me to advocate for immigrant and... more

The Challenge of Undoing Unwelcoming

By: Susan Reed - 11/19/15

Picture of candlelight vigil

A candlelight vigil Monday night outside the University Center at the University of Michigan-Dearborn honors the victims of the Paris attacks. David Guralnick / The Detroit News

The Challenge of Undoing Unwelcoming by Susan Reed, Co-Managing Attorney Michigan Immigrant Rights Center This has been a difficult week for us at the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center as we lead our Welcoming Michigan initiative.  I do not mean to compare our experience in any way to that of the victims of the horrific attacks in Paris or Beirut.  It isn’t comparable.  But we have been feeling shaken in our own way.  Our initiative has received... more

The Central American Child-migrant Crisis

By: Rebecca Cao - 11/19/14

children sleeping in a holding cell

Children sleep in a holding cell in Brownsville, Texas. Photo courtesy Eric Gay/AP Photo.

As many of you might already know, there has been an ongoing Central American child-migrant crisis since 2011. This crisis is at an all-time peak and more unaccompanied minors are attempting to enter the United States than ever. Most of these children are escaping gang violence in Honduras and El Salvador. Although many are fleeing to the US, others are also seeking asylum in Mexico and other nearby nations. border-apprehensions.png... more