Legislative Alerts

2019-2020 Session Legislative Alerts

Legislative Alert: Drive SAFE (Safety, Access, Freedom, and the Economy) Bills

On October 31, 2019, Senate Bill 0631 and 0632 and House Bills 5192 and 5193 were introduced and are sponsored by Sens. Stephanie Chang, D-Detroit, and Winnie Brinks, D-Grand Rapids, in the Senate and Reps. Alex Garza, D-Taylor, and Rachel Hood, D-Grand Rapids, in the House. MIRC supports these bills. We encourage you to attend any future hearing and to take a moment to contact your elected officials to express your support by clicking on the links:

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Legislative Alert: Michigan State Budget - County Jail Reimbursement Program (CJRP)

UPDATE: The original version including "anti-sanctuary" language was line-item vetoed.  MIRC is neutral on substitute version that removes problematic immigration enforcement language.

House Bill 4231 (line item) Michigan State budget bill includes a section that punishes sanctuary cities and essentially forces police departments to cooperate with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). An attempt to punish counties who exercise their clear legal option to decline to hold people for ICE or engage in other optional federal immigration enforcement activities.  Applying this condition to the CJRP funds could be in conflict with existing state and federal law. 


Legislative Alert: Civil Rights Expansion Package

In the last two weeks of June, Michigan State Representatives led by State Representative Abdullah Hammoud have introduced the MI Civil Rights Expansion bill package. The sponsors noted that the bills are designed to, “extend necessary civil rights protections to all residents, regardless of birthplace.”

The bills are briefly summarized below. MIRC supports these bills because the bills promote the full participation of Michigan's immigrant communities in the economic, social, and cultural life of our state.


Legislative Alert: HB 4083 (“Local Government Sanctuary Policy Prohibition Act”) and HB 4090 (“County Sanctuary Policy Prohibition Act”)

UPDATE 4/10/19: Despite overwhelming opposition in yesterday's hearing from groups as diverse as the Michigan Municipal League, Michigan Sheriffs Association, Michigan League for Public Policy, Michigan Office for New Americans, and many more, these bills passed out of the Military, Veterans, and Homeland Security committee with all Republicans voting for them and all Democrats voting against.  We were grateful for  testimony from great partners including Kim Buddin of the ACLU of Michigan and Akash Patel, a law student and friend of our office.  

We believe it would be harmful to immigrant communities for these bills to proceed further.  Please take a moment to contact your elected officials and express your opposition to them by clicking on the links: