Commitment to Anti-Racism Statement

MIRC is proud to join our colleagues at the Michigan Advocacy Program in affirming our ongoing commitment to anti-racism.

The Michigan Advocacy Program embraces the values articulated in the Michigan Advocacy Program’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement. MAP is committed to anti-racism in all aspects of our work including in our advocacy, communications, workplace environment, vendor selection, hiring, promotion, and retention.

MAP acknowledges that individual bias as well as institutional and structural racism exist in all individuals and systems. We understand that facially neutral policies and practices can perpetuate and result in racial inequities, particularly in the legal system that has historically been designed to perpetuate white dominance. We also recognize that actions that drive inequities may not be intentionally racist. By listening, learning and understanding more about racism on an individual and institutional level, we can better inform the way our organization functions and help dismantle racism through our interactions with one another, community partners, and with clients.

We commit to continually learn about and discuss issues of race and institutional oppression with the goal that our learning be reflected in the culture of MAP as a program. We also commit to communicate to policy makers and the public the ways in which racism affects the communities we serve. We commit to the ongoing development of structures for accountability to our clients and community partners.

Through our action, we strive to eliminate racism, which harms people, programs, and systems.

We remain committed to advancing racial justice in solidarity with Black communities across Michigan through our individual client representation, systemic advocacy, and community partnerships.

We understand that anti-racism is our responsibility and a necessary element of our work. Our work must include dismantling the structures and systems that allow and perpetuate white supremacy and racism.