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UofM students share personal stories of refugee crisis

"Being able to keep some type of record is critical in many areas of law… as there is a very high burden of proof for clients seeking different types of relief in the United States" -  Ruby Robinson

(The Michigan Daily - April 18, 2019)

Government Inaction Leading to Deportation

"Every avenue to seek legal status that’s been available to him, he has sought." -Ana Raquel Devereaux

(Michigan Radio - April 1, 2019)

Need for GRPD Oversight

"The police cannot police themselves, so we’re glad that the Department of Civil Rights is paying attention to this issue, and will hopefully be able to provide some much needed oversight," -Hillary Scholten

(Michigan Radio - March 28, 2019)

Reinterpreting Farmworker Minimum Wage Protections

“We think Attorney General Schuette was wrong. We think LARA [Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs] was wrong, and we think it’s urgent that the issue be revisited because we’re talking about some of the state and country and the world’s most vulnerable workers — left with no protection by the state’s prior interpretation.” - Susan Reed (Fresh Plaza)

(Michigan Advance - March 27, 2019)

Deportation Expected Despite Commuted Sentence

"Someone always willing to step up and give of themselves and make their community a better place, even in less than ideal circumstances. And that’s really what Rafael embodies" - Hillary Scholten 

(Michigan Radio - March 12, 2019)

Federal Backlash of Kent County Policy

"Scholten said that ICE is using 'fear-mongering tactics' and trying 'to bully our local officials into a kind of compliance that is simply not required under the law. ICE is an agency with completely unchecked power to arrest and detain individuals, and, as evidenced by the recent case of Jilmar Ramos Gomez, sometimes based purely on blatant racial profiling.'" - Hillary Scholten (Detroit News)

(Detroit Free Press - March 2, 2019)

Racial Profiling in Detention of U.S. Citizen

"To suggest that Captain VanderKooi was investigating terrorism, when he asked ICE only about Mr. Ramos-Gomez’s ‘status’ and did not follow up despite not receiving a response for two days, doesn’t pass the laugh test. This was racial profiling, pure and simple." - Hillary Scholten (Detroit News) (Detroit Free Press) (WoodTV 8) (Michigan Radio) (Fox 17)

(MLive - February 25, 2019)

Detention of DACAmented Youth in GR

"It’s hard to say that this was not retaliatory in nature in any way. Here you have an outspoken activist with Movimiento Cosecha who has been speaking out against ICE’s activities in our community." - Hillary Scholten

(Michigan Radio - February 23, 2019)

Record of Kzoo ICE Holds Withheld

“We see a lot of people statewide turned over to ICE on detainers after being arrested for driving without a license.” - Susan Reed

(MLive - February 21, 2019)

Disparities in Access to Healthcare

"Parents are being asked about where they're from and other questions meant to intimidate or harass them, or frighten them away from seeking benefits for their children who are eligible and need basic support." - Anna Hill

(Second Wave Media - February 7, 2019)