Trainings for Professionals (can be combined, expanded or contracted, can be presented in English or Spanish or with interpreter arranged by host organization):

  • Immigration Law 101:  A look at the history and basic contours of immigration law as it affects low income immigrants already present in the U.S.  90 minutes.
  • Immigrant Rights 101:  An overview of how immigration status interacts with and affects to other legal rights.  Topics include civil rights with respect to arrest, detention and removal, access to education, access to public benefits and programs, and special issues for the U.S. citizen children of immigrant parents.  90 minutes. 
  • Policy & Advocacy 101: A training to learn more about local, state, and federal policies impacting immigrants, immigrant workers, and farmworkers. 90 minutes. 
  • Immigrant Access to Public Benefits and Programs:  An in-depth look at immigrant eligibility for the major federally funded public benefits programs including Food Assistance Program ("Food Stamps"), Medicaid, and the Family Investment Program ("cash assistance).  Also explores fears and concerns about use of public benefits by mixed-immigration status households and facts and myths about immigration consequences. Multiple lengths available depending on need.
  • Family Preparedness for Immigration Enforcement:  A training for professionals serving mixed-immigration status families who need to prepare for contact with immigration enforcement to help avoid long-term separation and other negative consequences.  2 hours.
  • Solutions for Immigrant Survivors of Domestic Violence and Other Crime:  An overview or in-depth look at immigration status issues for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crime.  2 hours or all day.
  • Custom trainings on topical issues and particular forms of relief like Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Temporary Protected Status, Asylum, etc.  Just ask and we can put something together or recommend someone in the MCIRR network!

Community Legal Education (can be combined, expanded, or contracted, can be presented in English or Spanish or with interpreter arranged by host organization): All of the professional trainings listed above can be modified for broader community audiences such as church groups, parent groups, mutual aid organizations, etc.

To schedule a training, we strongly encourage you to complete this form. If you do not hear back from us within a few days, call our office at (734) 239-6863.