MIRC internship exit memo - Grand Rapids 2019

Emma Green
Summer 2019

I am a law student at Case Western Reserve University. I was initially drawn to MIRC because I entered law school with the idea to potentially practice immigration law after graduating and I thought MIRC would be a great experience to see what it really means to be an immigration attorney. As a Spanish major in undergrad, I was also looking for an opportunity to use my language skills.

As an intern, my responsibilities included communicating with clients, preparing visa applications, and legal research and writing. I was surprised at the level of autonomy I was given and trusted with to contact clients and keep them updated, ask any follow up questions, and ensure MIRC had all the needed documents. To me, one of the greatest strengths of this internship was the high level of client interaction and the attorneys’ willingness to let interns sit in on meetings, phone calls, and court appearances. 

This internship provided an opportunity to observe and assist with several different parts in the immigration process. From initial screenings, to filing paperwork, to going to Immigration Court, and eventually presenting clients with work permits and green cards—MIRC provided an inside look into the many forms, agencies, and people involved in a single case.

Overall, interning this summer at MIRC was a great experience and reaffirmed my desire to practice immigration law. I can’t emphasize enough how amazing the attorneys, staff, and fellow interns were in making this a valuable and enjoyable experience! If you want an internship where people are passionate about their job and their clients, then look no further. I would recommend a MIRC internship to anyone interested in non-profit work and immigration law who wants to intern at a place that makes a difference.