HB 5602 (2016)

Michigan Immigrant Rights Center
Legislative Alerts: House Bill 5602
September 13, 2016
Update:  A substitute version of the bill passed the committee by a vote of 5-3 on September 13, 2016. The new version of the bill would still require confiscation of license plates and cancellation of registrations in some circumstances. However, the substitute version no longer contains the possibility of one year sentences and mandatory impound requirements that were part of the original bill. The new version is linked here. The next step will be for the bill to move the the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives for a vote.
June 21, 2016
Primary Sponsor: Peter Lucido (R-District 36)

HB 5602 was introduced in late April and would dramatically increase the penalties for driving without a license to permit sentences of up to one year (an increase from 93 days) and would require police officers to impound unlicensed drivers' vehicles and confiscate the vehicles license plates and destroy them.The bill is sponsored by Rep. Peter Lucido.

This bill does not expressly mention noncitizens, but as we know, many noncitizens who live, work, and care for their families in Michigan are categorically excluded from eligibility for driver's licenses and lack access to other transportation.  This bill would take discretion away from officers and make those members of our communities much more vulnerable to arrest, detention, removal, imprisonment, and high costs related to the impounding of their vehicles.
A committee hearing was held May 24, 2016, and many immigrant community leaders testified against the bill.