New Service Locations for Unaccompanied Children in Michigan

MIRC Children’s Team

On an ongoing basis, the federal government contracts with local agencies to expand short and long-term custodial services to immigrant children in Michigan. When new facilities open or current facilities expand, legal services contracts are sought to support the children who will come to these new placements. MIRC provides legal services to all children in the currently funded federal custodial settings in Michigan and works to ensure that whenever the federal government expands services in Michigan, the children who arrive here are well-supported with legal services and their rights in custody are protected.

With recent federal contract changes, MIRC is returning to Albion, Michigan to once again serve immigrant children. MIRC staff provided legal services to children when they arrived at the Emergency Intake Site housed at Starr Commonwealth in 2021. A new Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) subcontractor agency, Responsive Deployment, will begin serving children at the same Starr Commonwealth location soon. MIRC staff will be on-site providing legal services to all of the immigrant children who arrive at the facility and we will be continually advocating for their rights in care, just as we do for all other children in federal custody in Michigan.

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