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WICIR Urgent Response for Deportation Defense

"[WICIR relies] on pro bono resources through the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center and through trusted partnerships with private immigration attorneys."

(Truthout - February 1, 2019)

ICE Holds End in Kent County

"Kent County no longer voluntarily holds detainees for Immigration and Customs Enforcement following community campaign supported by the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center and ACLU."

(The Detroit News - January 18, 2019)

U.S. Citizen Targeted for Deportation in Kent County

"This is precisely the type of incident that we warned would happen. And unfortunately, now it has." - Hillary Scholten (WZZM13) (MLive)

(CNN - January 18, 2019)

Law Behind the Headlines in Berrien County

"Imagine getting pulled over by your local law enforcement officer and being asked to show your [1040] as proof that you have paid all your taxes." - Susan Reed

(The Herald Palladium - December 11, 2018)

Kalamazoo Limited Cooperation with ICE Policy

"The new policy no longer authorizes 48 hour optional holds for ICE by the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Department. Providing optional operational support for a federal agency that enforces a deeply broken immigration law needlessly exacerbates fear and mistrust of law enforcement in our community.” - Susan Reed

(WMMT - December 5, 2018)

#EndICEHolds Kzoo

"I cannot be more clear that there is a local choice to honor detainers or not honor detainers" - Susan Reed

(MLive - November 15, 2018)

City of Kalamazoo Rejection of Byrne JAG Funds

"The city will reach out to the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center and El Concilio Kalamazoo to have further discussions about how to handle future grant conflicts."

(MLive - November 14, 2018)

#EndTheContract GR

"We are calling on the county today to stop the voluntary practice of working with (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)" - Hillary Scholten

(MLive - November 8, 2018)

Adjusting to Life in Hamtramck

 “There is no system that says, 'OK, this is how you rent an apartment, this is what you need to know when you purchase a vehicle, to get a title and to get insurance, and to do all these things. That's not something that the federal government, or even state government, gets involved in.” - Ruby Robinson

(Detroit Metro Times - October 31, 2018)

Federal Administration Threat to End Birthright Citizenship

"Trump's plan 'just reinforces the message that this president has sent over and over again to Americans who are not white: they are not real Americans, that they don't belong.'” - Susan Reed

(Detroit Free Press - October 30, 2018)