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Dearborn Restaurant ICE Visit Reemphasizes Need to Know Rights

"The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan was aware of the Dearborn incident. The nonprofit is working with the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center, urging people to know their rights."

(The Detroit News - July 15, 2019)

Kalamazoo Urges State to Reinstate Driver’s Licenses

"Before 2008, applicants did not need to provide proof of legal presence in the United States, according to the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center."

(MLive - July 15, 2019)

Community Leaders Working Towards Belonging for Immigrant Communities

"Each of the organizations on the initiative’s task force will lead its own focus groups for its own clients. The task force includes the four collaborating organizations, as well as the city of Grand Rapids’ Office of Diversity and Inclusion, The Right Place, the city of Wyoming and the Wyoming Public Safety Department, Justice for Our Neighbors, Michigan Immigrant Rights Center..."

(Grand Rapids Business Journal - July 12, 2019)

Teen Receives His Green Card After Being Detained by ICE for Months

"It is a system that is meant to keep people out and it is for the most part successful in doing that. I think Williams, in particular, had kind of the perfect storm, where at every step of the way something went wrong." - Camila Trefftz

(WZZM13 - July 11, 2019)

What Community Can Do About the Border Crisis

“It is just shocking across the board. The scale of the squalid conditions in these detention camps is a major calamity, and human rights violations are occurring. What we are finding is that people cannot put much trust in ICE. There is a loss of trust in government institutions for reliable action or even reliable information.” - Ruby Robinson

(The Jewish News - July 9, 2019)

Fear-Tactics Leading to Hyper-Exploitation of Immigrant Communities

"The threat of raids from the highest official in office sends a sonic effect of fear through our immigrant communities—it affects us all. It sends people into hiding, unwilling to interact with school, police, any state affiliated institutions. It saps resources from organizations working with immigrant communities as they work to put into action emergency plans." - Diana Marin (Salon)

(Common Dreams - July 6, 2019)

Members of Congress, Activists Respond to Detention Conditions

"We want to shine a light on the injustices at the border... This extends to Michigan. They struggle for necessities. They are human beings, too, and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. We see every child as precious and special and deserve to be loved.” - Issamar Camacho Almaraz  (Michigan Radio) (Monroe News) (MLive) (Michigan Daily) (Michigan Advance- Demas)

(Michigan Advance- Gerstein - July 3, 2019)

Nobody's Really Sure How Many Separated Kids Are in Michigan

"We do currently represent every child brought to Michigan in federal immigration custody and are committed to sharing as much information as we have access to about those programs. However, we are an independent non-profit law office; our resources are limited and our access could change in the future." - Susan Reed

(Michigan Radio - July 1, 2019)

Here's What's Happening With Immigration In Michigan

"We have no issues with access to our [detained child] clients[.] We do . . . regularly talk with kids about the conditions of their detention." - Susan Reed.

(Michigan Radio - June 25, 2019)

Immigrant Community on Alert After Threat of Raids

"We can’t live in a constant state of panic. We have to know our rights and share that message with others and keep organizing and support our communities to get through this. It’s really a balancing of the trauma of constantly being threatened with separation and the need to be strong.” - Susan Reed

(Michigan Advance - June 25, 2019)