Civil Rights Expansion Package (2017)

Michigan Immigrant Rights Center

Legislative Alert: Civil Rights Expansion Package

June 8, 2017

Civil Rights Expansion Package


On Wednesday, June 8, Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-District 15) and several House Democratic colleagues introduced the MI Civil Rights Expansion bill package. The sponsors noted that the bills are designed to, "ensure that Michigan adopts welcoming policies that promote public safety, economic vitality and population growth. Additionally, this package empowers local governments to do what is best for their communities." 

The bills are briefly summarized below.  MIRC supports these bills because the bills promote the full participation of Michigan's immigrant communities in the economic, social, and cultural life of our state.

House Bills/Resolutions & Sponsors:

House Resolution 18 - Abdullah Hammoud (D-District 15): A resolution to, as Congress, pursue humane and responsible immigration policies and oppose discriminatory immigration practices.

HR 118 - Leslie Love D (District 10): Resolution encouraging public universities to instate welcoming policies for students from all over the world.

House Bill 4720 - Abdullah Hammoud (D-District 15): Creates the Law Enforcement Information Sharing Act which prohibits local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws.

HB 4721 - Robert Wittenberg (D-District 27): Prohibits law enforcement officers and health professionals to inquire into the immigration status of anyone they come into contact with as a result of their work.

HB 4722 - Adam Zemke (D-District 55): A school system may not inquire into the immigration statuses of its students and/or students' parents, and prohibits denial/discrimination of a student based on immigration status.

HB 4723 - Yousef Rabhi (D-District 53): Provides for certain non-citizens the ability to qualify for in-state tuition to public universities.

HB 4724 - Ronnie Peterson (D-District 54): Prohibits stop and search by an officer of an individual without reasonable and investigative purposes.

HB 4725 - Jeremy Moss (D-District 35): Prohibits state agencies from keeping a database based on an individual's country of origin, religious preferences, or sexual orientation.

HB 4726 - Patrick Green (D-District 28): Mandates the added curriculum of civil rights and the Bill of Rights into state school systems.

HB 4727 - David LaGrand (D-District 75): Prohibits law enforcement officers from continuing to detain an individual when they are eligible for release.

HB 4728 - Erika Geiss (D-District 12): Creates the Nonprofit Legal Organization Contract Fund to use for legal services in deportation proceedings.

HB 4729 - Jewell Jones (D-District 11): Requires individuals/organizations to publicly report when and how much funding they receive from the Department of Homeland Security.

HB 4730 - Abdullah Hammoud (D-District 15): Prohibits employers from entering into contracts that requires electronic verification.

HB 4731 - Jim Ellison (D-District 26): Adds immigrant-owned businesses to businesses that receives good, services, and construction from the state.

HB 4732 - Sylvia Santana (D-District 9): Provides for partial reimbursement on costs incurred during refugee relocation to local units of government.

HB 4733 - Stephanie Chang (D-District 6): Prohibits state agencies from entering into contract with persons if they are involved with contracting a border wall.